5th Class

Teacher: Ms Gaule

Subject Buy in shop Pay the school
English Spellbound E 5th class ( Folens) Book Rental- 10.00euro
Abair Liom workbook- 15.00
Maths Maths Time 5th class Geometry set Book Rental- 5.00 euro
Unlocking SESE subscription- 5.00
Book Rental- 5.00 euro
Tin Whistle- 5.00
45 euro

Other costs:

Insurance 9.00 euro
Photocopying & Tests 10.00 euro
Copy books & folders 10.00 euro
Homework Notebook 2.00 euro
Art Materials 25.00 euro
Total Book Rental, tin whistle & Gaeilge 45.00 euro
Total to be paid in Setptember: 101 euro

Children should have a pencil case containing: pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler & coloured pencils.
Please do not buy any copies as the teacher will do this.
To assist with the running of the school we also ask that each family make a voluntary contribution of 50 euro per child or 75 euro per family.Please note that we can arrange for instalments to be paid. Just contact Tracy in the office.

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