Autism Spectrum Classes

St John’s National School has 3 AS classes within the school

Seedlings (Early Intervention) take children from the ages of 3-6 years old 
Acorns (Junior AS class)
Oaks (Senior AS class) which take primary school age children.

Each class has a maximum of 6 pupils with a class teacher and 2 SNA’s

Within the AS classes each pupil will work at their own level and pace and will have their own Individual Educational Plan (IEP) in place.
This IEP is created in conjunction with the class teacher, SNA’s, Principal/Vice Principal and the parents.
If there are any outside agencies working with the child they are also invited to the meetings.

The pupils in the AS class follow an adapted version of the National Curriculum according to their needs.
Emphasis will be placed on teaching them the skills to become independent, social skills and play skills as well as the academic element.

Parents are much more heavily involved in their children’s education in these classes as they know their children best.

For enrolment in these classes please see our enrolment policy.

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