St. John’s National School

Enrolment Application Form

Please complete all of this form, incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Child’s name: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________


Eircode: _________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________                            Gender: ___________________

P.P.S No: _________________________

Religion: _________________________                            Nationality: ________________

Any medical conditions that the school should be aware of: ______________________


Family Doctor: __________________________

Mother’s Name: _____________________________ Ph. No: ______________________

Mother’s Email: ______________________________

Father’s Name _______________________________ Ph. No: ______________________

Father’s Email: _______________________________

Contact Name & phone No. in case of emergencies, (This number must be different from parents)

Name: _____________________________________ Ph. No: _________________________


Please state name and address of previous School, and class your child would be going into if they are changing schools: _____________________________________________________________


Parents/Guardians Signature: _______________________    ______________________________

Date: __________________________

Please enclose a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificates (if Catholic)

If your child has previously attended another school, please enclose school report.

Also, please enclose any Psychological/Medical Reports, if relevant


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