We had our very last Roots of Empathy visit today.  Baby Daragh loved his home made birthday cake by one of the children.  We got to meet his Daddy Stephen and ask him lots of questions.  He showed us his new tricks- clapping his hands and crawling!

We had our last Mathletics session today.  We learned the high jump and multiplication.  Some of our jumps were really high and as always we did great teamwork! Some of us will be doing the Mathletics summer camp because we love it so much!

Some of the 3rd class children auditioned for St John’s Got Talent today.  The judges gave them high praise and 2 of our acts go through to the grand final.  We can’t wait for the whole school to see how brilliant our Baton Twirler and Six Super Stars are!

We had our 2nd week of Mathletics.  We worked on place value and the theme of throwing.   We learned all about the shotput throw.  We had to throw beanbags in to hoops that had thousands, hundreds, tens and units.  It was so much fun!

We started Mathletics today.  We were learning all about the clock and digital time using the strand athletics from the PE curriculum.  We may not have got all the questions right but our team work was excellent according to the teachers!

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